LA to Chicago (Exposed)



Chicago's best street photographer Chris (Exposure Foto Shop) Hogan has teamed up with Risk Takers Clothing and the Chicago Youth for a photo shoot in an underground studio Chicago called "The Pit". Risk Takers Clothing is on the rise ! Check out these pics from the latest photo shoot and recognize how we impact the young trendsetters in America everywhere! 


In life you have to go all in to win big. Bet your life and trust your intuition ! 



Hustle hard with the passion of a soldier and the tenacity of a black panther determined to be heard!




Control the block, takers take the block ! 




























This is Serena, she is an up and coming model in Chicago. Well known for her play to win attitude she knows how to handle business and act like a lady. All of the fellas respect her and her willingness to be spontaneous and ready to take risks!

 Special shot out to all of the models that helped out in the shoot. May you continue to prosper and proceed ! 
Photos by: Chris D. Hogan ( Exposure Foto Shop) @exposurefotoshop 


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