Risk Takers Clothing x BLVCK VISUALS

Risk Takers Clothing x BLVCK VISUALS Photo Shoot

& J. Cole's "Forest Hill" Album Leaked!


When day dreams turn into reality, nightmares of failure fuel the path to progression.


Straight to the streets of downtown LA, we are among the artists, the homeless, the businessmen, and the average Joe. We are all trying to get rich, but how will you win if you never take risks. 
Right in line with the fall release J. Cole reminds us with his food for thought as he sings " If you ain't aiming too high, then your'e aiming too low ". 
See through the obstacles, barriers and barbed wires. Predict your own future. 
"Before I die, I will write my mission in permanent ink for the world to see."
Respect the man with a vision. 
Even in those times when the future is uncertain, take that next step with confidence.
Road to riches, risk and intuition.
" No Role Modelz " shot out J. Cole for the words of wisdom.
Special Thanks to BLVCK VISUALS photography
Listen to the Album :  http://www.kingscourtshow.com/#!episodes/c14mu

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